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主演:亚纱美 原纱央莉 鈴木ミント  


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langren.56 mp4 這一天,三個完全沒有嫖過妓的男生想為其中即將要結婚的朋友慶祝,因此找了間風俗店要來當作告別他的單身派對,一進去他們馬上都選好自已想要的風俗女,殊不知接下來等著他們是將是瘋狂且血腥的性愛派對!Softcore porn collides with castration anxieties in the Japanese grindhouse quickie “Horny House of Horrlangrenor.” Writer-cum-debutant helmer Jun Tsugita (“Mutant Girls Squad” teams here with f/x maestro Yoshino Nishimura to deliver the gory goods, the cathouse setting giving Tsugita ample excuse to undress his cast of porn thesps, including cult fave Asami (“RoboGeisha”, as a prelude to fetishistic violence.Pals Tosh56 mp4ida (langrenWani Kansai.) and Uno (Toushi Yanagi) insist on going to a brothel w.ith their betrothed friend Nakazu (Yuya Ishikawa), who has never paid for sex before. Each guy is matched with a nubile prostitute, ulangrennaware of the locale’s deranged mission to sexually torture customers. Vagina dentata is the yarn’s main means of attack, but samurai swords and phallic food games provide plenty of ketchup.

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